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Let us guide you through the daunting process of buying a property.

We can translate the legal jargon for you to ensure you understand the terms of the Contract and advise you of your responsibilities after a Contract is signed.

We can determine your eligibility for any stamp duty exemptions/reductions and prepare the necessary State Revenue Office forms at no extra cost.

E-Conveyancing (PEXA)

E-Conveyancing is an online platform aimed at minimising paper transactions. This minimises risk of losing important documents and cheques which could hold up a settlement, resulting in penalties. Conveyancers and financial institutions can now transact property settlements online together.
With the pattern of technology development, it is no surprise that e-conveyancing is likely to be compulsory in Victoria come mid to late 2019.
Genuine Conveyancing is already a registered PEXA user, ensuring we provide the most seamless and on time transactions.

Contract Reviews/Property Settlement Negotiation

As a buyer, it is important to understand without doubt what you are signing. Once a contract is signed, it is legally binding as are the terms and conditions. For that reason, a contract should be carefully read and the terms should be negotiated to ensure they are reasonable and fair to suit both parties.
Let us translate the legal jargon for you and ensure you are not signing up for terms that are not suitable to you.


Developers (big or small) let us assist with lodging your Plan of Subdivision with the Titles Office for registration.
A licenced surveyor will draft your Plan of Subdivision before applying to your local council for a Town Planning Permit. Prior to the issue of a Statement of Compliance, you will need to satisfy the Town Planning Permit conditions and pay the necessary fees.
Once the Statement of Compliance is issued, we can prepare and lodge the Application for Subdivision on your behalf.


At the time of listing your property for sale, you will need a Vendor Statement (Section 32).

A Vendor Statement is required by Section 32 of the Sale of Land Act and must disclose all matters relating to the property. Failure to disclose all required information accurately will result in a default Vendor Statement and may give the purchaser rights to withdraw from the Contract prior to settlement.

The Vendor Statement must be provided to a purchaser before signing of a Contract of Sale. It is therefore important to obtain a Vendor Statement as quickly as possible.

Genuine Conveyancing are able to provide quick Vendor’s Statements for your convenience.

Lost title applications

Whilst we know it is important to keep the original Title to your property in a safe place, they can get lost or destroyed from time to time resulting in the need for a Lost Title Application.
Obtaining a new Title is rarely a quick process as it requires some investigation and several statutory declarations from several parties.
Genuine Conveyancing never back away from a challenge. Let us do the investigating for you and take the necessary steps to obtain a new Title as quickly as possible.

Related Party Transfers

Transferring a property from a family member to another, whether it be to your children as a gift or adding a partner to a Title, is different to a usual sale/purchase transaction.
As a general rule, a transfer between spouses is not a dutiable event and will not incur stamp duty. Other related party transfers (ie. grandparents, cousins, siblings) are likely to be a dutiable and will incur stamp duty.
Here at Genuine Conveyancing, we can guide you through the process and conduct the related party transfer on your behalf.


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